The Hallman Group 24 Step Recruitment Process

Finding the best fit between employer and employee is tough! Success does not come by accident. Our experience and expertise has led us to develop this 24 step process.

  1. Review the job description.
  2. Interview hiring manager for clarification of technical priorities.
  3. Research industry to locate logical talent pool.
  4. Check existing database for leads.
  5. Source to narrow research results.
  7. Qualify candidates by initial telephone interviews against the necessary job essentials.
  8. Separate the potential finalists from the window shoppers, and under-qualified.
  9. Perform in-depth interviews with potential finalists
  10. ** Reference check performance with former supervisors and colleagues.
  11. Check and verify candidates' credentials.
  12. Test, rank, and evaluate chosen nominees.
  13. Arrange and coordinate interviewing schedules.
  14. Prepare and counsel nominees to allow you to present your company in the best way possible.
  15. ** Prepare client for interviews by providing full pre-interview information as well as results of references and credential checks.
  1. Debrief candidates after each interview, answering unanswered questions, etc.
  2. Debrief client hiring authority after each interview, assessing strengths, weaknesses, incompatibilities, etc.
  3. ** Coordinate next step with Hiring Manager on possible offers to be made and set the stage for acceptance.
  4. ** Strategize with company in providing necessary information required for negotiating an acceptable offer.
  5. ** Reconcile any differences with successful candidate to smooth the way for offer acceptance.
  6. ** Arrange with Realtors, Chambers of Commerce, relocation consultants, moving companies, etc. to assure that candidate (and spouse) is aware of details in new location.
  7. ** Assist successful candidate in cleanly terminating current position.
  8. ** Work with spouse placement if necessary.
  9. ** Follow up after placement to assure new employee integration.

** Most search firms do not provide these services.

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